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About Us

IT Certify was formed to take away the confusion surrounding getting your first job in IT

With so many courses and exams available we know how complicated and frightening it must be for newcomers in IT to be able to trust what courses and exams to take. That's why we launched our most popular IT Support courses, Cyber Security courses, Network Engineer courses and more.

We know there are IT courses with prices varying from £50 to £4000.

£10 courses?

You guessed it – they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

£4000 courses?

These can often include lots of senior level certifications which simply don’t apply when you are new to IT. Make sure you only buy exams that you can ensure you get through in the time provided (access times).

IT Certify have combined decades of experience in the IT sector. Whether you want to break into IT Support or Cyber Security for example. ITcertify have the IT Support courses or Cyber Security courses that employers want so that you can begin your IT career.

We know, just like when you first start driving you just want:
The best Instructor
The best lessons
The best price
An official driver’s licence at the end of it

IT Certify is just that.

IT Certify will instruct you all of the way and really drive your IT career. IT Certify only offers official courses with official exams and most importantly at the best price.

Our IT bundles such as IT Support courses, Cyber Security courses, Cloud computing courses and Network Engineer courses include all course costs, exams, practical experience, CV reviews and unlimited Mock Test Support.

There are no hidden extras.

Certify with ITcertify today

IT Certify is the home of Official Exams and Courses.

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