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Questions Answered

Why should I choose IT Certify as my learning partner?

IT Certify are a CompTIA authorised partner. You can find us listed under the official CompTIA partners list. Not only that but IT Certify also won 2nd place at the CompTIA Awards Ceremony in London in November 2022 you can find further details here.

You also receive direct numbers to your Account Manager who you can contact any time between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. This is why we are an Award Winning Education Provider.


Do the exams definitely include unlimited Mock Tests as well with personalised feedback from a CompTIA authorised Mock Test Instructor? Haven’t seen any other company offer this.

Yes where exams are included we included unlimited Mock Tests with personalised feedback from your own Mock Test Teacher. This is super important as when you are new to a certification your not sure and we’re not sure how many Mock Tests you may need to get you up to the pass marks so that we ensure you pass first time. As a result by making the Mock Test support unlimited, it doesn’t matter if you need 3, 5, 10 or even more Mock Tests we have you covered.

I am new to IT and want to begin a career in IT what course do I need?

Actually you need more than just a course, as a course is just one line on your CV and this won’t do anything to get noticed by employers.

To begin a career in IT you need 7 things:

  1. Skills from lots of courses
  2. official exams
  3. support to ensure you can pass the exams
  4. practical experience
  5. career support
  6. reference
  7. graduate from a CompTIA authorised partner

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What happens when I buy a package from you?

We will send you your login details within a few hours. These will follow in a separate email.

Can I do the entire course online? Do I also get support from real people?

Yes you can take all of the courses, exams and even practical experience online in your own time. However you also have the best of both worlds with double support from real people with a Mock Test Teacher and Account Manager on all of our Job Programmes.

What are the pass marks for the CompTIA A+ Core 1 and CompTIA A+ Core 2 exams?

The pass marks for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1101 are 75%. The Pass marks for CompTIA A+ Core 2 220-1102 are 78%.

The pass marks are high. This is why we include Unlimited Mock Tests and a Mock Test Teacher so we can get you up to 85% twice before you even take the exam so you know how to answer the questions and think the “CompTIA way” as we call it.

Do I need any experience in IT to do the courses?

No the great thing about our packages is that anyone can do them. As long as you have determination and want to get your IT Certify, you will pass.

Your prices are far lower than other education providers I have come across. How come?

It works both ways. By keeping our prices low and offering discounts students can begin their career in IT because of us. This is great for you but also great for us as when you begin your career in IT we hope you will come back to us and use us again for more certifications as many of our students do. We are also of course very grateful to our students for all of the recommendations and referrals we receive from their new employer.

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