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Work in
Cyber Security

in as little as 3-5 months

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Our Cyber Security package has a 97% employment success rate

Thanks to our career support, our students have landed jobs at some of the biggest companies in the world

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    Our IT Packages are Award Winning

    Begin your new £28,000 to £38,000 Cyber Security career in as little as 16 weeks with everything included

    • Official CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco courses
    • Official exams
    • Work experience
    • Career support
    • Your own mock test teacher and account manager

    Study everything online, with support from real people

    • All courses, exams and practical experience can be taken online using cloud systems – just like when you work in IT
    • Friendly and double support – Every student has their own account manager and mock test teacher
    • No previous IT experience necessary – We train you up from complete beginner level
    • Flexible – Study part time or full time, it’s completely up to you
    • Established in 2018 – Our training is award winning for getting students into the workplace

    5 easy steps to begin your new IT career

    1. Courses

    CompTIA IT Fundamentals+
    CompTIA A+
    CompTIA Network+
    CompTIA Cloud+
    CompTIA Security+
    CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst+
    CompTIA Linux+
    CompTIA CCNA
    Microsoft Windows 10
    ITIL Foundations
    Ethical Hacker

    2. Exams

    CompTIA A+ Core 1
    CompTIA A+ Core 2

    • Unlimited mock test
    • Support included
    • Your own mock test teacher

    3. Experience

    CompTIA A+ Core 2
    CompTIA Security+

    Connect to live equipment such as networks, routers, switches and work stations remotely, using cloud systems

    4. Graduate

    You have now graduated from a CompTIA authorised partner

    We now start work on all of the below for you

    • New CV build that gets through to employees
    • Reference
    • Build your cover letter
    • Verify your details with employers

    5. Work

    Begin your new £28,000 to £35,000 in as little as 3 to 10 weeks

    Our Cyber Security job programme is award winning for getting students into work

    Get a free IT career consultation.

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