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IT Certify attended the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference again this year which was held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster. The event was held over two days and provided fantastic insights from great thought leaders such as Dr James Stanger PhD Chief Technology Evangelist at CompTIA and Todd Thibodeaux President and CEO of CompTIA.

Critical cybersecurity issues and applications of AI solutions within the technology industry took centre stage. But also giving some rather interesting stories and advice was Broadcaster, Journalist and Author Louis Theroux who on many times had the audience in raptures.

Todd Thibodeaux interviews Louis Theroux at the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference.

Lessons learnt from Louis Theroux

There were many excellent topics covered by Todd Thibodeaux and Louis Theroux. But we were also given some light hearted examples of where interviews given by Louis Theroux have not gone according to plan. There was one particular example involving a very rare “chimpanzee that could swim” when filming in the USA. Louis Theroux and the crew were assured by the owners that the chimpanzee should be friendly towards them. The word “should” didn’t really fill the team with confidence of course and so they soon started thinking about all of the research they did regarding unfriendly chimpanzees, particularly the part where their strength could be attributed to being 4 or 5 times that of a human.

The big reveal came and unfortunately for them the chimpanzee wasn’t in the best of moods. He didn’t appreciate being taken away from his hot tub early by his owners. As he got closer to Louis Theroux and the crew he could see them behind the glass screen and whether it was curiosity or just sheer strength when knocking on the glass it completely smashed. That was the end of the interview.

We know of course that Louis Theroux is a very successful broadcaster, presenter and author. Whilst the story isn’t really an IT example of “troubleshooting” and “fixing” it was never the less a nice example to hear how not everything goes to plan and not everything will run smoothly. This is exactly what IT is all about and why anyone that is thinking about beginning a career in IT shouldn’t worry about making mistakes. Making mistakes and breaking things is what happens in any industry, and it can happen and will continue to happen to even some of the best. The most important thing is that we simply learn from them.

There were of course also some great tech conversations and Todd Thibodeaux gave a great final question in regards to what Louis Theroux thought of IT, whether he liked it and if it was a topic that he wanted to cover. In particular interest to Louis Theroux was Cyber Security and the use of AI and crypto currencies. It was also something that he wanted to investigate in the future further. Louis Theroux also mentioned how it isn’t always easy to think of new ideas or subjects for documentaries.

IT Certify at the conference

This time round IT Certify received an extra “Tech Talent” ribbon under their pass which was a really nice extra to have and a great re-affirmation of the fact that IT Certify are not just a CompTIA Authorised Partner but an Award Winning CompTIA Authorised Partner.

A big thank you for this has to go to the IT Certify team that made this possible but also particularly to Luke Barton Senior Manager at CompTIA whose input and guidance has always been so greatly valued and appreciated by everybody at IT Certify.

IT Certify Tech Talent
IT Certify recognised as providing Tech Talent

Some of the topics covered

Cybersecurity Strategies
Data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber incidents are on the rise. It’s more important than ever for companies to employ a security plan that’s multi-faceted, collaborative, and resolute. It was great to listen to leading cyber professionals about how to identify the latest threats and leverage the latest tools and resources to stay safe.

Workforce Development
The workforce has changed dramatically—and permanently. There were some excellent and valuable sessions on the latest initiatives and trends. Also being able to engage in meaningful discussions and gain insights into proven best practices.

Innovative Technology Solutions
Businesses have accelerated their adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, drones, and internet of things in order to survive and thrive. It was great to learn more about these business-building strategies and how important they are.

Business-Building Solutions
Businesses today don’t want to buy technology—they want to pay to have their business problems solved. MSPs need to develop innovative ways to integrate disparate technologies into real-world solutions. We were able to hear from seasoned experts about how CompTIA are able to meet this demand and make companies think more about client needs.

Paul Jeffries and Mark Cornford from IT Certify at CompTIA EMEA

CompTIA building blocks to success

CompTIA form the building blocks to success to anyone that is new to IT or already working in IT. CompTIA do this by offering Vendor neutral certifications which means what you study can be applied to any hardware or any software which is why CompTIA are so important to anyone looking to begin a career in IT since when you are new you want your certifications to appeal to every employer and not just certain employers.

This is why we loved the merchandise that CompTIA had out at the conference particularly the Lego bricks with CompTIA branding – great idea CompTIA.

CompTIA Merchandise

A big thank you to CompTIA

This years CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference was a fantastic event and everything was managed faultlessly whether it was the check in process, itinerary, speakers and even the food! We would therefore really like to thank CompTIA for all of their hard work, ideas, dedication and passion in being such an amazing Award Body.

We can’t wait for the next conference next year and are really looking forward to all of the new CompTIA updates as they are launched over the course of the year.

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