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One of the biggest questions companies will be asking themselves as we move into the second quarter of 2023 is what are the most lethal cyber security threats we need to prepare for?

Whether you are a small company, medium company or large company cyber security threats are your biggest cause for concern when you have a website and are using cloud based services. As a result it is no surprise that according to a study from PWC some 39% of UK senior executives say they expect cloud-based threat vectors to significantly affect their organisation in 2023 compared to 2022.

This is even more important than cyber security threats from other sources such as:

  1. laptop/desktop endpoints
  2. web applications
  3. software supply chain.

Cloud cyber security threats 2023

Source: PWC

What are the most popular cloud based threats that we could ourselves experience or come across in 2023? Are they things that we will come across in our daily working life as employees? The answer here is Yes.

As an employee you could potentially create a cyber security threat by unknowingly opening an attachment with a virus or even downloading something that you thought you were required to. This is why it is so important that not only do companies prepare themselves for cyber security threats but that they also educate their employees so they know what to look out for. TIP if you are ever unsure of an attachment always check the file extension. A file extension with “rar” for example is very commonly used with hackers as well as exe with excel and doc with Microsoft word. 

What are the most common cloud security vectors?

Cloud Security vectors will have weaknesses. These weaknesses are taken advantage of and exposed by hackers which includes as we mentioned briefly earlier the human element. Common cyber attack vectors include:

  1. Viruses – this will cause damage to hardware and software on your computer/laptop
  2. Malware – most common is a new homepage, unwanted plugins or extensions
  3. Email attachments – you are tricked into opening an attachment you think is safe
  4. Webpages – these will often try and take your card details
  5. Pop Up Windows – unwanted pop ups that want you to click inside it
  6. Instant Messages (IMs) – these will often contain links which contain a virus
  7. Chatrooms – trojans (viruses) can be added to teams for example

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Cyber security fascinates me how do I begin a career in Cyber Security?

This is what you need to begin a career in Cyber Security:

  1. Skills from industry recognised courses
  2. Official CompTIA A+ exams recognised world wide
  3. Support to make sure you can pass the exams
  4. Practical Experience
  5. Filter and Robot Proof CV that ensures your CV gets through to employers
  6. Graduate from a CompTIA Authorised Partner Programme
  7. Personal reference to give employers before you are hired

To find out more just click the image below:

How quickly can I get in?

The cyber security programme from IT Certify can be completed in as little as four to five months based on just 15 hours to 20 hours study time a week.

The cyber security programme is also self paced so you decide how many hours you want to study each week.

IT Certify Cyber Security Programme

Do I need to go anywhere?

The great thing about the programme is that everything can be done online in your own time but you still get the support of real people with a Mock Test Teacher and an Account Manager.

Online Course access – You will study these through our advanced online learning portal (which is a bit like Netflix). You can use any device to study whether it’s your laptop, computer, tablet or phone.

Online Mock Tests – You will take the Mock Tests online too which will be sent to you through from the Mock Test Teacher that will be assigned to you.

Online Exams – You will take these online too as you don’t need to go to a test centre anymore. All you need is a webcam on your laptop or computer.

Mock Test Feedback – You will take the Mock Tests online too which will be sent to you through from the Mock Test Teacher that will be assigned to you.

Online Practice Labs/Practical Experience – Just like when you are working in IT Practice Labs will allow you to connect to live equipment remotely online where you will gain access to Switches, Routers, Work Stations, Networks and more online.

Why should I choose IT Certify as a learning partner?

We are a UK based education company in London and have been established since 2018. We also came 2nd at the CompTIA EMEA Awards Ceremony in London in 2022 in recognition for our outstanding Job Programmes and High pass rates. You can also find further details by simply clicking here

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