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What are the best IT courses is a question we get asked a lot at ITcertify. And for good reason. When you are new to IT there are so many options available to you that it can be extremely confusing. There are also many different price points of courses available from £10 going all the way up to £4000 with certain bundles and exam costs being included. At ITcertify we are different in that when you are new to IT we understand that you want to take things slowly and not shell out too much money. Afterall why would you pay thousands of pounds for lots of courses and exams that your not even sure you will finish? Or perhaps you won’t even like them? Do you know whether you prefer studying about Networks or Cyber Security? These are all things that we take into account at ITcertify and that’s why we are so popular with our students. We keep things simple and we keep things very open and this is why our students always come back to us. No hard selling just good honest advice – and with experience too.

I’m ready to start on £80K

When you are new to IT I’m afraid we have some news for you. You simply can’t study your way to an £80k starting salary. It really isn’t a case of the more you spend the more you can earn. Don’t get us wrong you can get to an £80K salary over 4-5 years experience of working within IT by building the relevant work experience and certifying. However this won’t be in Year 1. This is why our focus for you as a new student to IT is always realistic by stating that yes you can break into a career in IT easily but it will start at £20,000 to £25,000 if you go down the IT Support route or £25,000 to £30,000 if you go down the IT Support and entry level Cyber Security route.

IT Support or IT Technician or Cyber Security

When it comes to starting a career in IT you start with the IT Support route or IT Technician route. IT Support is more call centre based and more advisory in regards to troubleshooting issues and problems that customers are having (end users). The IT Technician route is the more “mechanic” route whereby it is more hands on. However as everything is moving towards the cloud more and more we would advise to go down the IT Support and entry level Cyber Security. Why? Quite simply because this expands your job application search to include entry level cyber security exposure and on top of that you can get a higher salary when you apply for jobs at the £25k to £30k level.

So what are those best IT courses?

In regards to the best IT courses for those that are new to IT you need to have a mixture of basics to do with servers, hardware, software, networks, operating systems, cloud systems and security. Therefore in regards to officially certifying with a course (when you take the official exam that is associated with it) there is only one winner and that’s the CompTIA A+. The CompTIA A+ is absolutely essential and is recognised by EMPLOYERS worldwide. We can’t stress enough how much the reference to employers is important as this is what sets it apart from every other certification out there – even at university level.

Is the CompTIA A+ certification enough for me to get a job in IT?

Almost. It is a great start and employers will instantly put you in the smaller pile of “has the CompTIA A+” rather than “doesn’t have the CompTIA A+” which of course is a much bigger pile. However your counting on the fact that the employer is already looking at your CV? Also they will be looking for work experience? And what about the other Skills that set you apart from the other 10 candidates?

For answers to these questions check out our Cyber Security Practical Experience Programme Complete by clicking here.

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