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Which IT Certification Pays the Most?

If you’re looking to switch up your career and are considering working in IT, you might be wondering which areas of IT will pay you the most. Many IT roles will either require you to have work experience, some form of formal educational qualification, or an industry-recognised IT certification like…
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25th April 2021
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IT Certifications in Demand in 2021

Considering a career in IT but don’t know where to start? When you’re first looking to get certified, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially with the number of resources out there for aspiring IT professionals. This is why today, we’re going to provide you with some much-needed clarity. We’ll be…
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20th April 2021
two professional IT professionals looking at cyber securityBlog

How to Get a Job in Cyber Security

If you’re looking for a career change and like the sound of a job in cybersecurity, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about getting started. The qualifications/training you need for it, how competitive the industry is, how you can start with zero experience and whether…
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15th April 2021
Person at computer on video call with othersBlog

Can I Get IT Certified Online?

Online IT certification is becoming increasingly popular as many have chosen to expand their knowledge during the lockdown, or, are just keen on a new career. Today we’ll be going through all the ins and outs of IT training courses. We’ll discuss their effectiveness, cost, how much of your time…
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7th April 2021
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CompTIA A+ and CompTIA IT Fundamentals Difference

Should I take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam before the CompTIA A+ exam? The IT courses world is complicated! Firstly congratulations on working out that CompTIA is the place to start. You have done extremely well to find out about CompTIA courses and even more so to find that CompTIA…
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30th March 2021
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